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    Alpha X Men Within the following century, Ivan Zamorano - one in all South America's most interesting footballers- and his fellow sportsmen helped Chile to win its only medal in the Games in Oceania. Ironically, they had been eliminated in the semi-last by Nigeria in an epic game which the bookmakers had already given to the Brazilians. The following players have been called up to the Brazil squad within the final 12 months. 2. In his first World Cup game against the USSR in 1958 he grew to become the youngest player to play in the World Cup at 17 and along with his objective towards Wales the youngest participant to attain a objective during a World Cup. The latest news, movies and details about Argentine players from Europe, South America or anyplace else. The team has also competed within the Olympic Games with two silver medals in 1984 and 1988 and in 1996 took residence a bronze medal. 3. Within the semi-last in opposition to France in 1958 he turned the youngest player to score a hat-trick (3 goals in one match) and the youngest participant to play within the World Cup remaining match.

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